• Resource Award Winner 2017 Clearwater Farms

    The International ReSource Award for resilience in water management is a prize acknowledging social entrepreneurial thinking and leadership in implementing the principles of sustainability in water management.

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  • Our Winner 2016: SimpleTherapy

    The Swiss Re Foundation Resilience Award recognizes entrepreneurial initiatives that contribute to building resilient societies. The 2016 Award focused on innovative approaches that enable the elderly to live independently at home. Learn more about the 2016 Award Winner, SimpleTherapy, and the Runners up!

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  • Employee engagement

    Swiss Re Foundation supports community projects concerned with social care and welfare, children and youth, and the environment in the locations where Swiss Re has offices.

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Swiss Re has always had a tradition of responsible and effective contribution to society and the world we work in. The Swiss Re Foundation is making visible and tangible the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re, co-ordinating and channelling effort and making sure its benefit reaches as far as it can.

Our goal is to address social and humanitarian problems worldwide and build local capacity to face them. The issues we address are social, economic and ecological imbalances with a range of causes, including natural disaster, climate change, water, population growth and pandemic. We collaborate long-term on projects and also provide emergency aid. Finally, we carry out work locally and in Swiss Re’s communities.

Why we are here

We work in climate, water, natural catastrophes, and society to alleviate suffering and help communities become more resilient.

What we do

Increasing resilience is just as important as finance, making the difference between surviving this time, and surviving every time.

Working with us

The Swiss Re Foundation works through funding, partnerships, and Swiss Re employee volunteering and secondment.


The Swiss Re Foundation 2016 Activity Report

We are happy to share with you our report "The Swiss Re Foundation in 2016 - shared skills, resilient futures". The report presents our strategic focus and activities in 2016.

Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award 2016: SimpleTherapy - our winner!

SimpleTherapy offers video-based, head-to-toe exercise therapy programs that help seniors improve their condition. The Award Winner will receive financial and expert support for the next 3 years.

ReSource Award Winner 2016

The Award will support the social business "Pump for Life" to scale up its subscription-based system for water point maintenance. The ReSource Award Winner will receive financial and expert support for the next 3 years.

Emergency Aid for children in Syria

Swiss Re Foundation donates CHF 100'000 to Save the Children for the support of critical education and child protection interventions in Syria.

Nepal Earthquake

Swiss Re Foundation donates CHF 250,000 for instant disaster relief measures in Nepal.

ReSource Award 2015

To protect and restore watersheds and biodiversity in Brazil’s Pantanal region, the Wildlife Conservation Society is scaling up its proven approaches to promoting sustainable land use on individual properties to whole rural municipalities.

The Swiss Re Foundation in 2014 - Heading for resilience

We are happy to share with you our report "The Swiss Re Foundation in 2014 - Heading for resilience". The report presents our strategic focus and activities in 2014.

United against natural hazards

In collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross and Swiss Re, we are closing gaps in the disaster risk preparedness of rural communities in Central America and the Caribbean.

Neighbourhood improvement in Cape Town

With ETH Zurich, we are testing ways to improve economic opportunities and quality of life for the 7.5 million South Africans who live in informal settlements.

Virtual weather vanes in Kenya

With the social business M-KOPA Solar, we are exploring how to use solar energy systems to collect weather data that could benefit local farmers, insurance providers and public authorities.

Higher yields in the Philippines

We are helping the social business SUGRUVI reach more low-income cassava farmers who stand to increase their income by upgrading agricultural and business practices.

Staying above water in Nairobi

We are partnering with Kounkuey Design Initiative to reduce flood risk in Nairobi’s largest slum by developing and sharing best practices within the community and beyond.

Educating children after the Ebola virus hit Sierra Leone

The unprecedented outbreak of Ebola in West Africa calls for forceful action on multiple fronts. The Swiss Re Foundation has donated CHF 150,000 to increase children’s access to education in a province of Sierra Leone where the outbreak has forced schools to close.

High risk at high altitude

We’re helping HELVETAS discover and share good practices for managing weather risks to subsistence agriculture in the Peruvian Andes.