The Swiss Re Foundation 2016 - shared skills, resilient futures

We are happy to share with you our report "The Swiss Re Foundation in 2016 - shared skills, resilient futures". The report presents our strategic focus and activities in 2016.


Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award: SimpleTherapy - our winner!

SimpleTherapy offers video-based, head-to-toe exercise therapy programs that help seniors improve their condition. The Award Winner will receive financial and expert support for the next 3 years.


Winner ReSource Award 2016

The Award will support the social business "Pump for Life" to scale up its subscription-based system for water point maintenance. The ReSource Award Winner will receive financial and expert support for the next 3 years.


Emergency Aid for children in Syria

Swiss Re Foundation donates CHF 100'000 to Save the Children for the support of critical education and child protection interventions in Syria.


Nepal Earthquake

Swiss Re Foundation donates CHF 250,000 for instant disaster relief measures in Nepal.


Borrowing for better health

With and local financial institution partners, we’re expanding access to safe water and sanitation in India and the Philippines.


Educating children after the Ebola virus hit Sierra Leone

The unprecedented outbreak of Ebola in West Africa calls for forceful action on multiple fronts. The Swiss Re Foundation has donated CHF 150,000 to increase children’s access to education in a province of Sierra Leone where the outbreak has forced schools to close.


ReSource Award 2015

To protect and restore watersheds and biodiversity in Brazil’s Pantanal region, the Wildlife Conservation Society is scaling up its proven approaches to promoting sustainable land use on individual properties to whole rural municipalities.


Virtual weather vanes in Kenya

With the social business M-KOPA Solar, we are exploring how to use solar energy systems to collect weather data that could benefit local farmers, insurance providers and public authorities.


United against natural hazards

In collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross and Swiss Re, we are closing gaps in the disaster risk preparedness of rural communities in Central America and the Caribbean.


Staying above water in Nairobi

We are partnering with Kounkuey Design Initiative to reduce flood risk in Nairobi’s largest slum by developing and sharing best practices within the community and beyond.


Higher yields in the Philippines

We are helping the social business SUGRUVI reach more low-income cassava farmers who stand to increase their income by upgrading agricultural and business practices.


The Swiss Re Foundation in 2014 - Heading for resilience

We are happy to share with you our report "The Swiss Re Foundation in 2014 - Heading for resilience". The report presents our strategic focus and activities in 2014.


Neighbourhood improvement in Cape Town

With ETH Zurich, we are testing ways to improve economic opportunities and quality of life for the 7.5 million South Africans who live in informal settlements.


High risk at high altitude

We’re helping HELVETAS discover and share good practices for managing weather risks to subsistence agriculture in the Peruvian Andes.


Improving nutrition in rural India

We’re partnering with Ashoka to provide women and children in undernourished communities with access to nutritious foods and encouraging their demand for these foods.


Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives

AXA, Swiss Re Foundation and Impact Hub looking for entrepreneurial solutions to address demographic ageing.


Winner International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management 2014

On the occasion of World Water Day, Swiss Re Foundation is pleased to announce the winner of the ReSource Award 2014 (worth US$ 150,000): “Mobilizing local institutions for sustainable management of watershed services in Nepal”, a project submitted by Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD). The winner was selected from a total of 273 project proposals in a three-stage evaluation process.


The Swiss Re Foundation in 2013

We are happy to share with you our report "The Swiss Re Foundation in 2013 - Improving risk resilience". The report presents our strategic focus and activities in 2013.


UZH and Swiss Re Foundation to bridge gap between finance theory and insurance industry

The University of Zurich (UZH) is building a new Centre for Finance and Insurance. The Swiss Re Foundation has donated CHF 2 million to help establish this centre within the university's Department of Banking and Finance. The purpose of the centre is to advance research and education in the application of finance theory to insurance.


Typhoon "Haiyan" in the Philippines

Following the disastrous typhoon in the Philippines, which leaves thousands of people homeless, the Swiss Re Foundation decided to donate CHF 250,000 for relief efforts.


Caritas Zürich - Swiss Charity of the Year 2014

Recently, we shortlisted over 30 submitted proposals from charities we considered supporting and asked employees in Switzerland to vote for their favourite. The three finalists were: Theater Hora, Caritas Zürich and Wohnheim Schanzacher. The employee vote was relatively split but, with a 45% share, Caritas Zürich finally shrugged off the competition to win!


Swiss Re Foundation partners with the GEM to mitigate earthquake risk in Latin America

The Swiss Re Foundation and the Global Earthquake Model Foundation are pleased to announce a three-year collaborative project to create the first-ever comprehensive picture of seismic risk in Latin America to incorporate social and economic factors. International and local experts will assess potential physical damage as well as the broader community consequences of earthquakes in this rapidly developing region.


The Silver Line - available 24/7, 365 days per year

Swiss Re Foundation supports the Silver Line, a UK registered charity which offers lonely, vulnerable older people a person to talk to.


Hives of economic activity

Together with the Swiss Re employees we are supporting Honey Care Africa to help poor farming families in Kenya earn cash with bee keeping to pay for their healthcare, schooling and other basic needs.


Opening eyes in rural India

We’re improving eye care and preventing blindness among schoolchildren and their communities in partnership with LIGHT FOR THE WORLD.


Fostering integrative risk management and new research talent

By donating CHF 5M to ETH Zurich Foundation, Swiss Re Foundation supports activities coordinated under ETH Zurich’s strategic initiative Integrative Risk Management.


Ticket to better health

Swiss Re Foundation partners with Vodafone Foundation to support the Mobilising Maternal Health programme in Tanzania.


Turning loss into hope

Together with the Red Cross and local authorities, we’re making the future brighter for Swazi children whose parents cannot take care of them.


Swiss Re Foundation announces winners of “Send a smile across the miles” contest

The Swiss Re community and their kids have cast their votes. To mark Swiss Re's 150th anniversary, the Swiss Re Foundation will support projects that benefit children and youth in El Salvador, Swaziland and India.


Dollars-4-Doers: Young Women Rock!

Young Women Rock! joined Swiss Re’s roster of Dollars-4-Doers programmes in 2013. YWR! is dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of young women of colour through an after-school educational, leadership, and personal development program that includes weekly sessions and special cultural outings.


Stiftung Bühl - Switzerland's Charity of the Year 2013

Over 500 Swiss Re employees participated in the election of Switzerland's Charity of the Year 2013, casting their vote for their personal preference. In a close run contest, the Bühl Foundation (Stiftung Bühl) emerged victorious - with almost 39% of the votes - to be crowned Switzerland's Charity of the Year 2013.


Swiss Re 150 Years: send a smile across the miles

In celebration of Swiss Re's 150th anniversary, Swiss Re Foundation sends a smile across the miles by supporting three projects benefiting our next generation.


ReSource Award 2013

The Swiss Re Foundation is awarding USD 150,000 to a project in Madagascar that aims to improve farmer's access to water for production in one of the country's poorest regions, but one that is known for being home to dozens of species of animal life that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.