Hives of economic activity

The Swiss Re Foundation together with the donations out of Swiss Re's myProductivity initiative will provide the operational start-up costs for the clusters in Western Province and Upper Rift Valley. Swiss Re employees will be able to donate up to 100'000 USD over the next few months, based on their individual savings in the myProductivity initiative, while the foundation will be matching this amount. This equals the support of 2'000 poor families – 10'000 people.

MyProductivity aims at engaging Swiss Re employees to be smarter with their resources and consume less services and thus save costs.

This web-based application engages Swiss Re staff to take action while providing guidance, education and incentives around best practice consumption behaviour.

Points and rewards will be given for engagement and positive action and virtual bees act as ambassadors to help to connect with the myProductivity initiative. The honey coins gained reflect real money, which can be donated to the charity organisation Honey Care Africa.

If you would like to make a private donation to a poor rural family to change their life through beekeeping, please visit the Honey Care partner's page on the Kiva webpage.