The Swiss Re Foundation in 2013

In many ways 2013 was special for the Swiss Re Foundation, marking a year of positioning its programmes to a wider audience. Building on Swiss Re’s long tradition of philanthropic engagement and commitment to strengthening society and the environment, the Foundation already has achieved a lot.

The Foundation makes visible and tangible the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re, working to increase risk preparedness and resilience – with special attention to the poorest and most vulnerable. Informed by Swiss Re’s deep understanding of risks – such as those posed by natural catastrophes, climate change, population growth and pandemics – the Foundation’s programmes aim to predict, redress and when possible avert the large-scale social, environmental and economic imbalances to which such risks too often lead.

While the Foundation tackles farreaching and complex challenges, the solutions tend to be focused and handson. Most of our global programmes are in fact local – however, our local activities serve the global objective of social and environmental sustainability. That’s why we also invest our resources
and know-how in safeguarding the natural and social environment of the communities where Swiss Re has offices. We also support causes to which Swiss Re employees donate their own money and time.