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What we do

We support projects that help people, and offer lasting benefit – globally and locally

The Swiss Re Foundation is active around the world, but it is primarily committed to emerging economies and developing countries. And locally, the Foundation supports projects that benefit the communities in Swiss Re locations, prioritising the environment, social care and welfare, and children and youth.

For organisations wishing to partner with us or apply for funding, it’s important to know, too, that we are looking for a measurable ecological, social or economic impact, where the safety of human beings, their health and prosperity, and equality of opportunity are primary concerns. We work with partners that have proven capabilities in their area. Interested in applying for funding?

We also give grants to organisations working in emergency aid, wherever it’s needed. This is for immediate relief in the case of natural disaster, wherever and whenever it occurs and support is needed.

Global Programmes

We support development aimed at risk preparedness and provide humanitarian aid when it’s needed, concentrating on climate, water, natural hazards, and society.

Community Programmes

We support local community projects near Swiss Re offices that give Swiss Re employees the opportunity to get involved and volunteer.

ReSource Award

The International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management marks our commitment to enabling access to clean water.

Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award

The Swiss Re Foundation Resilience Award recognises entrepreneurial initiatives that contribute to building resilient societies.

Celebrating 150 years Swiss Re (2013/2014)

To help celebrate Swiss Re's 150 Years Anniversary, the Foundation supported special activities and projects in the communities where Swiss Re has offices