Global Programmes Archive

Capacity Building

SOS Children's Villages - SOS Children's Villages

Fundación Natura Bolivia - A watershed approach to conservation

Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) - Creating a Climate of Change Adaptation

Habitat for Humanity - Safe water from the sky

Disaster Risk Reduction

Save the Children - From Recovery to Resilience

Swiss Red Cross - Life on the edge

Save the Children - Prepared for the worst in Nepal

Vivamos Mejor Foundation - Risk Management in Guatemala

Impact HUB - Safety without borders

Swiss Red Cross - Safety without borders

Emergency Aid

American Red Cross - Emergency Aid after Hurricane Sandy

Save the Children - Emergency Aid after Typhoon Haiyan

Research & Innovation

Harvard School of Public Health - Heart health in China

Harvard School of Public Health - SEARCH

Social Entrepreneurship

Institute of Palliative Medicine - Caring when there is no cure

Community Programmes Archive

Charity of the Year

Stiftung Bühl - 2013: Stiftung Bühl

reStart - 2014 - 2016: reStart

ReSource Award Archive

Swiss Re 150 Years Archive