2nd runner-up: care.coach

The Challenge

Modern healthcare pays limited attention to the psycho-social needs of elderly individuals, who often need to manage multiple chronic conditions including cognitive and memory issues, in addition to complex medical, dietary and activity-related plans. Many studies confirm that a lack of engagement and psycho-social support leads to instances of delirium, depression and anxiety. This in turn generates significant costs for the health system through more frequent hospital re-admissions, a higher risk of falls, higher medical costs, and longer hospital stays.

The Solution

care.coach is designed to address this gap. A platform linking patients, health advocates, health providers and families, the tool:

  • provides 24/7 psycho-social support to elderly people with complex chronic conditions at home or at the hospital. Patients simply talk with a captivating avatar (a pet dog or cat) that serves as an interface for care.coach’s team of specifically trained health advocates (team based in the Philippines, available 24/7).
  • helps to manage chronic conditions, by initiating conversations of a clinical nature, such as: Have you taken your medication after lunch, have you eaten your fruit, did you weigh yourself this morning? Conversations of a clinical nature are triggered through software algorithms that implement clinical best practices for various patient profiles.
  • helps to monitor the patient’s condition and alerts the caregiver if the need arises.
  • tracks all interactions, automates reporting, and provides various monitoring dashboards.
  • works with any level of technology/cognitive ability.
  • is deployed on low-cost tablets (with embedded camera, microphone, and cellular Internet).

care.coach combines high-tech with a high-touch approach, ensuring high consistency in the quality of the patient experience, while allowing health advocates to interact effectively and continuously with patients, supported by software automation and clinical best practices.

Business model and commercial strategy

care.coach targets clients such as hospitals and health systems, as well as capitated/risk-bearing payers/providers and health plans. To win contracts, the team leverages research and clinical validation of their solution, referrals, networking, and thought leadership at key industry events. Currently, the team prices the service on a per avatar per month basis, which includes the tablet and health coach services. They also envision negotiating partnerships based on shared savings.