Winner 2011 - The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

Integrating PES and REDD in Central Asia

By integrating the two economic tools - PES and REDD-, the project aims to create a sustainable mechanism, based on long-term contracts, to ensure the sustainable management of the Chon-Aksuu River watershed.

Most of the activities in the project area are related to agriculture with two main types: cattle breeding and production of cereals/vegetables. Given the natural conditions, cattle breeding is mainly present in up-stream lands (pastures used during summer time), while horticultural production covers the downstream lands. These two activities have close links with the water resources provided by the Chon-Aksuu River: drinking water for animals on one hand and irrigation water on the other hand.

The project aims to set up a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) scheme linking upstream and downstream populations. Upstream farmers can provide ecosystem services. downstream population are beneficiaries of the ecosystem services, so they will furnish the incentive, i.e. the payment for ecosystem services.

To manage the created fund, a multi-stakeholders Coordination Committee including buyers, sellers and local authorities has already been created and will ensure transparent management. At the same time, to ensure the long term sustainability of the PES mechanism, to protect additional forests of the watershed and to create new incomes, the proposed project aims to integrate the PES concept with a Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation scheme (REDD).

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