Why we are here

Since its foundation in 1863, Swiss Re has been involved in social projects.

You might ask why a company like Swiss Re would need to set up a Foundation.

The Foundation has been set up to co-ordinate Swiss Re’s global philanthropic efforts strategically, improving accessibility and providing centralized information about them, rather than fragmented efforts and piecemeal information from our various locations of business. So the Swiss Re Foundation is staffed by a dedicated and knowledgeable group of people who decide about, oversee, and provide information about projects. That way, we can help more, and more effectively.

Working to improve resilience to risk

Insurance offers financial protection against risk. Based on Swiss Re’s understanding of risk in societies, the company also saw the value of helping people address risk in other ways.

In poorer communities, in particular, strengthening risk prevention is vital, and when a disaster occurs somewhere, people need fast, experienced, hands-on help.

That’s why the Swiss Re Foundation supports development efforts aimed at risk preparedness and provides humanitarian aid when it’s needed. Using the expertise from Swiss Re’s business, the Foundation concentrates on risks related to natural catastrophes, climate change and water. And locally, the Foundation supports projects that benefit the communities in which Swiss Re works, prioritising the environment, social care and welfare, and children and youth.

An important part of our work, too, is finding specialist experts from Swiss Re to collaborate with our partners globally to improve the quality, foresight, and effectiveness of our projects. We have access to experts in natural catastrophes, population, agriculture, nutrition, health, water, and climate, to name but a few.

Creating a better place to work

There’s also a benefit to Swiss Re employees in general. The work of the Swiss Re Foundation is something they can be proud of. It helps employees to feel that Swiss Re is a company that lives its values rather than just listing them on the website. So they know that Swiss Re is making a long-term, transparent commitment to purpose as well as profit.