Track Record

To understand what we do, take a look at some of the things we’ve done. Our global humanitarian projects and community work have contributed not only to immediate need, but to longer-term resilience and sustainability, at home and overseas.


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The Swiss Re Foundation in 2015

If the Foundation has a new watchword, it is entrepreneurship.

We believe in the potential of market-based thinking to promote the resilience of individuals, communities and society as a whole.


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At work in Switzerland

Again and again over several years, Swiss Re volunteers return to Tamina Valley (Taminatal) to work in the “Swiss Re forest”. Through their deeper, long-term commitment, they actively help maintain the protective function of Tamina Valley’s mountain forest while experiencing the fascinating ecosystem it is.

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Fighting against the rural poverty

Our project with the Eos Entrepreneur Foundation takes a community-based approach to fighting rural poverty.

The Foundation's support also includes establishing and optimizing the value chain in this project. Eos Entrepreneur Foundation engages directly with Social Entrepreneurs, involves relevant stakeholders and helps to generate synergies among them.

Key engagement topics of the Foundation are sustainable agriculture, access...

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Expanding healthcare access in Brazil

We are helping dr.consulta put quality healthcare in financial reach for more low- and middle-income Brazilians. The company has gained a competitive edge with its fast appointment service, low consultation prices and excellent doctors and equipment relative to current alternatives.

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The Swiss Re Foundation in 2014

In 2014 we further defined what building resilience means to us in each of the Foundation’s priority areas: climate, natural hazards, water and society.

Our 2014 activity report focuses on the progress we are already seeing, especially in the area of disaster risk reduction.



A changing climate

Rural farmers in the southern Andes of Peru have long faced weather-related risks. Our new collaboration with HELVETAS aims to identify, test and share best practices for managing weather-related threats to highland agriculture, drawing on local knowledge as well as outside scientific and technical sources.

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A fresh start for all

Swiss Re employees in Overland Park, Kansas, chose reStart, a non-profit that offers housing and support services to homeless adults, youth and families in Kansas City, for their Community Day and as Charity of the Year. In addition to raising USD 82 500 in cash to reStart, employees donated their time and skills, serving lunch to residents, supporting special events and collecting contributions of household goods and school supplies.

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Strong communities

In the Empower Shack project, we are upgrading a neighbourhood in one of Cape Town’s informal settlements together with the Urban Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at ETH Zurich. New public spaces and safe and secure “shacks” with shared sanitation, solar panels, small vegetable gardens and two storeys for dual use will improve residents’ economic opportunities and quality of life.

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The Swiss Re Foundation in 2013

In many ways 2013 was special for the Swiss Re Foundation, marking a year of positioning its programmes to a wider audience. The Swiss Re Foundation's first activity report published in January 2014 presents our strategic focus and activities in 2013.


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x-runner Venture in Peru

One-third of Lima’s residents have no safe sanitation. With a focus on ecological and financial sustainability, this project scales up a social business that offers water-free toilets, linked with a human waste pick-up service and ecological waste treatment, to poor urban households at very low cost.

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UK Charity of the Year 2013

Swiss Re employees in UK chose the Teenage Cancer Trust as their Charity of the Year 2013. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for the seven young people aged 13 to 24 diagnosed with cancer every day.


Winner ReSource Award 2013

In 2013 the ReSource Award went to a project in Madagascar that aims to improve farmer's access to water for production in one of the country's poorest regions, but one that is known for being home to dozens of species of animal life that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.


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Save the Children in China

In China, we worked with Save the Children in Liangshan to put in place disaster management plans with local people, with children at the forefront.

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Charity of the Year in Switzerland

Swiss Re’s Switzerland Charity of the Year 2012 was Stiftung Brunegg, a home providing assisted living for young school-leavers with learning difficulties. Our support meant that residents could have their first ever beach holiday.

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Winner ReSource Award 2012

The ReSource Award for 2012 went to a project in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, for a project working with local people to design and implement water management. This included participatory education on sanitation, environmental stewardship and watershed management.


© Swiss Red Cross

Swiss Red Cross in El Salvador

With the Swiss Red Cross, we worked in El Salvador’s poorest and most vulnerable regions to establish a comprehensive disaster response system helping local communities to better cope with natural disasters.

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UK Charity of the Year 2011

The UK chose the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as their Charity of the Year, raising funds to train 75 counsellors and implement a text response service for the NSPCC’s helpline for adults who are worried about a child, and for ChildLine – the UK’s only free, 24-hour service offering help, advice and support to children and young people.

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Emergency Aid for Japan

The Japanese tsunami in March killed at least 15 000 people and displaced another 450 000. Swiss Re donated CHF 250 000 to support instant relief efforts, split between the Swiss Red Cross and Save the Children, and pledged a further CHF 250 000 to help the Japanese build up disaster dog rescue. In Swiss Re offices, employees raised CHF 168 000, which Swiss Re matched.


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Oxfam in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, we continued work on a risk management package combining weather index insurance against drought, disaster risk reduction measures and credit for investments in agricultural production for smallholder farmers. We partnered with Oxfam America and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University.


Community Days in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Swiss Re went with children with muscular dystrophy to a summer camp at Lake Brienz. Another group acted as ‘bodies’ to help train the rescue dogs of the Swiss Disaster Dog Association.

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Emergency Aid for Haiti

In Haiti, togehter with Swiss Re employees we donated CHF 390 000 for immediate earthquake relief, and Swiss Re experts provided a seismic map and advice on future earthquake resilience.


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Vivamos Mejor in Guatemala

In Guatemala, we funded follow-up work with the Vivamos Mejor Foundation in rural areas to improve living conditions and help prepare people better for natural disasters.

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Community Days in Toronto

Swiss Re Toronto in Canada boxed 3400 kg of foodstuffs for parcels to be distributed by the Daily Bread Food Bank.

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Winner ReSource Award 2009

The 2009 International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management award went to a project in hilly Bamyan province in Afghanistan, initiated by Swiss NGO Helvetas. The project aims to involve local people in the restoration and preservation of vital watersheds.