Trust in partnerships

We believe cooperative arrangements are the best way to make sure our help is used most effectively. By entering into longer-term relationships with our partners, we ensure that our projects are run sustainably and professionally and with people who understand local conditions intimately. This creates a foundation for trust, which in turn makes possible frank dialogue, rapid sharing of information and effective action. We’re proud to have among our partners respected governmental and non-governmental organisations, national and international foundations, academic institutions, as well as Swiss Re and its employees.

What does it take to be a partner?

Our partner organisations have excellent reputations in their fields, strong management capabilities and a proven track record in delivering successful projects. They tend to reflect our values, are innovative, and open to exploring new ideas together. In turn, our partners can expect open, transparent dialogue with us, access to our network of Swiss Re connections wherever possible, reliability, ability to tap into our knowledge and expertise, and the security of working with a trusted brand.

Becoming a partner

  • If you are looking for funding support, see how to apply here.
  • If you are an organisation looking for volunteers to help you in one of Swiss Re’s neighbourhoods, click here.
  • If you want to be considered for Charity of the Year in one of Swiss Re's locations please click here.
  • If you you have a project that would qualify for a ReSource Award, please click here.
  • If you simply want to introduce your organisation to us and to get to know us, please contact us.

Our partners