We aim to make a measurable and sustainable difference. We support our partners not only through evidence-based grant funding, but also by giving them access to the broad expertise of Swiss Re’s employees and allowing them to learn, prototype and scale effective solutions. We do this where Swiss Re operates or intends to operate in the future and where the protection gap is widest, that is, in emerging and developing countries.

We support partners focusing on three areas where we can best leverage Swiss Re’s expertise. Please find more detailed information on our priority theme that we focus our work on here:

Our strategic commitments

Our strategic commitments aim to help realise the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, foster resilient societies and complement Swiss Re's overall sustainability objectives. We strive to share expertise and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems. Knowing we can multiply impact by teaming up with the right experts, we collaborate with diverse partners – from research universities and think tanks through social enterprises to aid organisations and development-focused NGOs.

Our charitable commitments

Our charitable commitments focus on the locations where Swiss Re has offices. Globally, our charitable commitments consist mainly of financial grants for emergency relief measures after severe catastrophes, often supplemented by donations from Swiss Re employees.

"We believe our grants have the power to enable changemakers and researchers to develop, prototype, grow or investigate promising solutions in earlier stages with higher risk." Stefan Huber Fux, Director Swiss Re Foundation

We define the use of our grants jointly with our partners to assure its additionality and impact.

Please find more information on the application process  and our selection criteria.