Selection Criteria

To ensure our projects are well designed and run – and lead to lasting change – we choose partners that share our values, enjoy an excellent reputation and have an in-depth understanding of local conditions. We’re proud to collaborate with respected NGOs, social enterprises, foundations and academic institutions, often over many years.

We support projects with a high expected impact on our defined target groups in our focus areas. We support approaches and new solutions that improve the risk management and/or the adaptive capacities of our partners. We believe in diverse, strong teams as a key success driver and consider partner strength in our evaluation of proposals.

Please note that we do not fund:

  • Projects that don’t fit with our strategy or don’t contribute to our impact goals in our focus areas
  • Animal-focussed projects (unless related to biodiversity)
  • One-of-a-kind projects that aren’t sustainable
  • Individual study (eg further education, scholarships, stipends, professional development, theses, post-doctoral qualifications)
  • Political or religious organisations or campaigns
  • Already completed projects seeking additional financial support
  • Sports*
  • Events such as congresses, seminars, exhibitions, anniversaries or fundraisers*
  • Marketing or gifts (including such activities initiated by Swiss Re clients)
  • Media, print publications, audio projects or film productions*

*Unless in connection with a supported project

Swiss Re Foundation grants are awarded to organisations identified by our team and network. Even if your project appears to fall within our funding guidelines, unsolicited proposals will not be accepted.