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How we work

For the Swiss Re Foundation, resilience means a society’s capacity to survive, adapt and prosper in the face of change and uncertainty arising from disturbances – be they natural catastrophes or economic downturns. It encompasses the resources needed for the society to sustain itself as well as risk management and adaptability.

We prioritise projects that foster our partners’ capacity building, entrepreneurship, leadership and risk management capabilities. Through our Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award programme, we specifically nurture digital solutions that enhance those capabilities. We support our partners not only through grants but also through opportunities to be coached by and exchange know-how with Swiss Re employees.

Our goal is to achieve evidence-based, measurable and sustainable impact. We regularly report on our contributions to advancing both the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Swiss Re Foundation’s “resilience framework.” This framework emphasises three building blocks of a resilient system such as a village, a community or a city: its human, social, natural, physical and financial assets, its risk management and governance capacities and its ability to adapt to evolving challenges.

As we’re proactive in researching our focus areas and in selecting our partners, we don’t accept unsolicited requests for funding.

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