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How we work

The Swiss Re Foundation reflects the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re. Our guiding principle is empowering people and their communities to become more self-sufficient and resilient to risk.

In line with our strategy laid out in 2013, we prioritise areas where Swiss Re’s core competencies can be brought to bear – climate, natural hazards, society and water – both in developing countries and in regions where Swiss Re has offices.

Our strategic commitments aim to help realise the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to Swiss Re’s mission to make the world more resilient. We strive to share expertise and support innovative ideas. Our award programmes and latest projects encourage outside-the-box business thinking to solve social, economic and environmental problems.

Knowing we can multiply impact by teaming up with experts who complement our know-how and share our goals, we collaborate with diverse partners – from research universities and think tanks through social enterprises to aid organisations and development-focused NGOs.

Our most important partner is Swiss Re itself, which not only funds the Foundation but also gives us access to the knowledge and networks of Swiss Re clients and employees. More deeply involving employees in our work is a high priority. Our growing array of employee engagement programmes reflect the long-term strategy set when the Foundation was established in 2012. They enhance Swiss Re’s brand and reputation and help it attract, develop and retain talented employees.

Our charitable commitments focus on the locations where Swiss Re has offices, at most of which we run the Charity of the Year programme. Globally, our charitable commitments consist mainly in financial grants for emergency relief measures after severe catastrophes, often supplemented by donations from Swiss Re employees.

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