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Access to Health and Income Opportunities

Total commitments by focus area in 2019

Resilience requires that the physical, social and material needs of all of a society’s members are met. To help build resilience where this minimum condition doesn’t hold, we’re serious about addressing inequalities and inefficiencies in people’s access to healthcare and opportunities to earn a viable income.

Digital solutions will transform the ways in which our partners and the communities they serve can make basic goods and services more accessible to those who lack them. In developing countries, where 80 percent of the world’s population live, healthcare delivery in particular depends heavily on public-private partnerships and the potential of innovative technology.

We fund entrepreneurial ventures because they’ve proved to be creative and effective at developing, prototyping and scaling up solutions that foster resilience. Their work is improving people’s access to healthcare through community health networks and technologies that make it easier to diagnose and track diseases, disseminate health information and provide health education. It’s also boosting people’s income by creating jobs and encouraging trade. Realising that leadership capacity is key to such ventures’ success, we connect them with Swiss Re experts who act as trainers and coaches.

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