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Turning dogs into heroes

In March 2011 the strongest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history struck some 70 kilometres off the northeastern coast of the main island, Honshu. In the next half-hour, the ensuing tsunami devastated much of this stretch of the coast, in some places reaching as far as 10 kilometres inland. The tsunami killed at least 15 000 people and displaced some 450 000 others, including many children.

In response, Swiss Re swiftly donated CHF 250 000 to support instant relief efforts in Japan. The donation was split between the Swiss Red Cross and Save the Children, both highly trusted charities that worked closely with Japanese organisations.

Swiss Re pledged a further CHF 250 000 to support a Japanese rescue organisation in its effort to build up dog rescue teams that are capable of rapidly rescuing people in the aftermath of a disaster. The grant enabled cooperation and know-how transfer between a Japanese rescue dog association and the Swiss Disaster Dog Association, REDOG, a Swiss Re partner for several years.



REDOG is a Rescue Organization of the Swiss Red Cross. As member of the Rescue Chain, REDOG is known for its operating experience in humanitarian interventions during catastrophes.

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