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ReSource Award

From 2004 to 2020, first Swiss Re and then the Swiss Re Foundation supported the ReSource Award to foster entrepreneurial thinking in managing water sustainably in low- and middle-income countries. The programme was designed both to recognise past success and to help start-ups develop and scale up promising approaches.

Each year an international jury selected the award finalists. In addition to two-thirds of the total prize money of USD 150 000, the ultimate winner enjoyed three years of coaching support from subject matter experts.

To sharpen our focus areas and increase our impact, in 2020 we phased out water as a focus area and with it the ReSource Award. The essential learnings from this long-standing programme is captured in the "17 years of ReSource Award" brochure.

2019 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2019: Smartphone-based water and soil testing kits

ffem has developed an affordable smartphone-based quality testing kit for water in India.

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2018 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2018: A healthy environment starts at home

We’re working with CASSA to offer low-income Guatemalans sustainable and affordable housing.

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2017 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2017: Producing more food with less water

We're enabling smallholder farmers to supply high-quality fish to local premium markets, by supporting Clearwater Farms.

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2016 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2016: Improving lives one pump at a time

By supporting MSABI, we intend to further validate and scale a subscription based system for water point maintenance in Tanzania.

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2015 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2015: Sustainable lake management

We supported WCS who protects and restores watersheds and biodiversity in Brazil's Pantanal region.

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2014 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2014: Making water protection pay

By supporting LI-BIRD, we mobilized local institutions for sustainable management of watershed services in Nepal.

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2013 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2013: Sustainable agricultural and husbandry

By supporting WWF in Madagascar, we supported the implementation of the first local watershed management in the Mahafaly region.

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2012 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2012: Engaging the community in Kenya

KDI partnered with residents of impoverished areas to create low cost, high-impact built environments.

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2011 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2011: Integrating economic mechanisms for boosting carbon storage in Central Asia

By supporting CAREC, two economic mechanisms for boosting carbon storage and supplementing incomes were implemented in the Chon-Aksuu watershed.

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2010 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2010: Improved livelihoods in the Santa Cruz Valleys

With the support of Swiss Re Foundation, Natura Bolivia improved livelihoods in the Santa Cruz Valleys.

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2009 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2009: Sustainable management of degraded watersheds in Afghanistan

Helvetas aimed to improve livelihoods of the poor rural population in the Kahmard district by reducing the risk of flood damage and increasing long-term land productivity.

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2008 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2008: Participatory community watershed management in China

By supporting TMI, we helped to ensure clean and safe water supply supply for Shangri-la Town in China.

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2007 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2007: Rainwater harvesting to improve livelihoods in Ethiopia

By supporting ERHA, we promoted rainwater harvesting in Ethiopia.

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2005 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2005: Compensating for upstream activities in the Philippines

By supporting REECS, we helped to compensate for upstream activities in the Philippines.

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2004 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2004: Clean water through eco-sanitation in China

By supporting the Yunnan Environmental Development Institute, eco-sanitation could be implemented in the Xian Rendong village, China.

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2003 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2003: Introducing regulatory reforms in the A’Vuong watershed

By supporting WWF Indochina, we helped to develop a comprehensive framework for the management of freshwater in Central Vietnam.

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2002 Resource Award Winner

Winner 2002: Water user become biosphere conservers in Guatemala

Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza has contributed to the conservation of the flora and fauna in Guatemala.

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