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Voices for resilience

We're pleased to share with you our latest report: The Swiss Re Foundation in 2020 - Voices for resilience.

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) has been a focus area for the Swiss Re Foundation from the start. Backed as we are by a world leader in knowledge of natural catastrophic risks, we know what’s at stake.

Our 2020 report features two DRR projects that reflect our strategy in the area of natural hazards and climate risk management. The first is an international collaboration to test an improved tsunami detection and early warning system for protecting coastal communities in Indonesia. We filled a funding gap to enable the research team to complete its proof of concept.

In the second project, we supported the Swiss Red Cross and local partners in training communities in El Salvador, Haiti and Honduras in disaster preparedness and in linking them to national disaster management and health systems. The project also tested and promoted innovative approaches to reducing disaster risk and strengthened best practice exchange region-wide.

"Our latest report gives a voice to communities that are particularly threatened by natural hazards and climate risk. It also highlights COVID-19 relief efforts supported by a CHF 5 million donation from Swiss Re for pandemic response", said Stefan Huber Fux, Director of the Swiss Re Foundation.

Download the report here

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