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The Challenge

About 2.5 billion people in the developing world lack access to adequate sanitation. The resulting diarrheal disease kills nearly 1 million children each year. High population density makes the problems caused by a lack of basic water and sewage infrastructure particularly acute in urban slums.

In Kenya, 67% of urban residents lack adequate sanitation. Diarrhea claims the lives of 17 100 children there each year, whilst hundreds of thousands more are left undernourished and unable to fully contribute to society later in life. Poor sanitation systems also have a damaging effect on the local environment, water supply and downstream economies. In Nairobi, 90% of waste is dumped untreated into waterways.

The Approach

Sanergy locally manufactures and franchises its high-quality, low-cost waterless sanitation facilities, branded as Fresh Life Toilets, to a network of local operators in Nairobi's informal settlements who run them as businesses. The company provides support and training to help operators thrive and runs a daily collection service, removing the waste from the community and transporting it to the Sanergy processing facility. The waste is then converted into organic fertiliser and sold to Kenyan farms, leading to increased crop yields, healthier soil and wealthier farmers.

Sanergy's model will become profitable at scale through the production and sale of end-products from waste. By collecting organic waste from new sources, such as food and farm waste, the enterprise can reach that goal faster. The ReSource Award coaching and prize money have enabled the company to complete a market study for new waste streams and to add food waste collection to its logistics.

Goals and Expected Impact

The main goal of this project is to make affordable, hygienic sanitation accessible to 100% of the people in the communities served. Sanergy aims to sell more than 2 000 toilets, providing 150 000 residents with sanitation and removing and treating 8 000 megatonnes of waste. These activities will generate 1 700 jobs in an area of high unemployment.


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Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by making hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible throughout Africa's informal settlements.