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As one of the world’s largest reinsurers, Swiss Re is particularly interested in supporting the development of new talent and research programmes in risk management. This partnership between the Swiss Re Foundation and the ETH Zurich Foundation extended a collaboration between Swiss Re and ETH Zurich Foundation that began in 2008, when ETH Zurich launched its Integrative Risk Management initiative. That initiative led to the establishment of the ETH Risk Center in 2011, an interdisciplinary competence centre devoted to state-of-the-art risk research, risk education and communication and cooperation with industry, government agencies and the media.

Today the ETH Risk Center comprises 17 professorships, three of which are new chairs held by internationally recognised scholars: Antoine Bommier (Integrative Risk Management), Wanda Mimra (Risk and Insurance Economics) and Giovanni Sansavini (Risk and Reliability). These chaired professorships were made possible by grants from partners and donors including Swiss Re and the Swiss Re Foundation.

The ETH Risk Center conducts research, organises risk-related seminars for diverse stakeholders and supports practical solutions to humanitarian challenges, such as catastrophe prevention and emergency disaster relief. Its growing portfolio of interdisciplinary research and education programmes attracts risk experts and scholars from across the world.

With support from the Swiss Re Foundation, the ETH Risk Center increased its capacity to pursue research, attract talent and support interdisciplinary collaboration as well as international outreach. Emphasis was placed on supporting researchers at various stages of development – from master students to senior visiting scholars – in their efforts to solve risk management problems the world over. To learn about the project’s impacts, see ETH Risk Center.


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