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Resilience Award  2nd Runner-up 2016
Location United States of America

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"Project is 100% completed "

The Challenge

Modern healthcare pays little heed to the psychosocial needs of elderly people, many of whom must manage multiple chronic conditions, including cognitive and memory issues, along with complex medical, dietary and activity regimens. Research shows that a lack of engagement and psychosocial support can lead older people to develop depression, anxiety and even delirium. These issues, in turn, increase the burden on the healthcare system in the form of a higher risk of falls, higher medical costs, longer hospital stays and more frequent hospital readmissions.

The Approach is designed to address this gap in health support for elderly people. Linking patients, health advocates, health providers and caregivers, this platform:

  • Provides 24/7 psychosocial support to elderly people with complex chronic conditions at home or at the hospital. Patients talk with a captivating avatar (a pet dog or cat) that serves as an interface for’s team of well-trained health advocates based in the Philippines.
  • Helps manage chronic conditions by initiating conversations of a clinical nature with questions such as: Did you weigh yourself this morning? Have you eaten your fruit? These conversations are driven by software algorithms that reflect clinical best practices for specific patient profiles.
  • Helps monitor the patient’s condition and alerts the caregiver if needed
  • Tracks all interactions, automates reporting and provides monitoring dashboards
  • Can be used by people with any level of technological aptitude and cognitive ability
  • Is deployed on low-cost tablets (with embedded camera, microphone and cellular Internet) combines high tech with a high-touch approach, ensuring a consistently high-quality patient experience while allowing health advocates, supported by software automation and clinical best practices, to interact with patients effectively and continuously.

Goals and Expected Impact enables a dramatically higher level of engagement with patients at one-quarter the cost of traditional case management. The venture manages personal and healthcare system risk by promoting good health and well-being, improving individual resilience and collaborating with care teams. aims to validate the market potential of its solution to enable upstream, inpatient reduction of major risks that cause the elderly to lose the ability to live independently at home, such as hospital-acquired delirium and falls. In addition, will further develop its avatar feature, internal protocol automation and healthcare provider workflow integration.



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Our partner aims at addressing the gap of lack of engagement and psycho-social support which can lead to instances of delirium, depression and anxiety. It consists in a platform linking patients, health advocates, health providers and family.