Enabling food givers of the world to produce sustainably

In a nutshell

Agri-food systems employ 1 billion people worldwide, more than any other economic sector. The way we produce, consume and, sadly, waste food exacts a heavy toll on our planet, putting unnecessary pressure on natural resources, the environment and climate. This World Food Day, Swiss Re Foundation reaffirms our pledge to support improved monitoring tools, climate smart technology adoption and services of risk management for small-holder farmers. Presenting a set of interesting projects that our partners around the world are undertaking to promote efforts to transform and reorient agricultural systems to support food security in the face of climate change.

Financially viable advisory services for farmers in India

Macadamia farming in a shifting climate

Promoting high-yield investment in Senegal

Putting finance to work for climate-smart farming

Satellite Earth observations for food security in Kenya

Smart tech for smarter farming in Brazil

Empowering women to farm smarter in Ghana