Jeannette Seifert-Wittmer Project Manager

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Education and career

Jeannette earned an associate’s degree in Business Administration from the Business Education Center in Weinfelden/Switzerland and a bachelor’s degree in Textile Management from the Swiss Textile Management School in Zurich/Switzerland. After working for several years in the textile industry, she held communications, marketing and project and event management positions at subsidiaries of the Swissair Group. In 2002, Jeannette joined Swiss Re, where her responsibilities ranged from internal communications, web communications and training and corporate citizenship to event and project management.

Current role

Jeannette is responsible for the Swiss Re Foundation’s community programmes in the Americas, including Community Days and Charity of the Year, as well as the global Dollars-4-Doers programme. Since 2017 Jeannette has served on the Council of the Swiss Abroad representing the interests of Swiss citizens living in the United States vis-à-vis the authorities and the public in Switzerland.