Fact Sheet

Our vision is to help societies develop their capacity to mitigate health, environmental and economic risks as well as to recover quickly from setbacks. In other words, we play a role in strengthening the resilience of communities, by which we mean their ability to survive and thrive in the face of resource stresses, societal adversity, natural disasters or a combination of all three.

Our grant making areas

Geographic reach

We support partners where the protection gap is widest, that is, in emerging and developing countries and where Swiss Re operates or intends to operate in the future.

The scope of our activities

We aim to make a measurable and sustainable difference. We support our partners not only through evidence-based grant funding, but also by giving them access to the broad expertise of Swiss Re’s employees and allowing them to learn, prototype and scale effective solutions. We group our activities under strategic commitments and charitable commitments.

Foundation facts

Total grant payments since inception (through Q3/2021): 74 802 908
Total 2020: CHF 10 943 000
Total 2019: CHF 6 950 000

Geographic reach

In 2020 the Foundation funded grantees in 29 countries.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which sets our strategic direction and managed by a small global team in Zurich, Bangalore and Armonk.

Legal form

Independent Corporate Foundation under Swiss Law.