Sandra Weinstock-Abt Senior Manager Corporate Volunteering

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Education and career

Sandra has a diploma in business administration and studied psychology at the University in Basel. She started her career as an executive assistant at Bank Sarasin in Basel. In 1998 Sandra joined Swiss Re to run internal training for the business group Swiss Re New Markets. She helped establish a key leadership development programme and, with this new responsibility, transferred to the Human Resources department in 2006. There she led the selection process for this and other management development initiatives. From 2008 to 2014, Sandra worked as an IT project manager. She joined the Swiss Re Foundation as Senior Project Manager in 2014.

Current role

Sandra manages all our corporate volunteering programmes, including the Global Entrepreneur Programme and Swiss Re Academies in close collaboration with Swiss Re employees and our external partners. She also maintains and continuously develops our internal corporate volunteering tool and donation platform.