Lead with impact

Global Entrepreneur Programme and SHINE

Our Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) turns Swiss Re employees into entrepreneurs, encouraging them to push their boundaries as professionals and as people.

A joint initiative launched in 2015 with the social enterprise BOOKBRIDGE and Swiss Re Human Resources, GEP at first challenged employees to build up Learning Centers in Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka that complement local educational offerings and give community members of all ages a place to come together. Operated as social enterprises by locals for locals, Learning Centers offer quality education, access to books, space for children to play and other materials and services tailored to local needs.

Since 2018 GEP has evolved further into a programme where Swiss Re employees support social start-ups that have partnered with the Foundation. We also implement a regional version of the programme in Bangalore, India called SHINE, where local Swiss Re employees coach and mentor Indian social entrepreneurs who are working to solve pressing challenges in Bangalore communities. In 2021 we’ll start to roll out more SHINE programmes in Bratislava, Switzerland and the United States.

Participants in GEP and SHINE describe the experience as life-changing. Thanks to the energy, brainpower and personal time that participants have invested in it from the start, they are one of our most successful corporate volunteering initiatives.